Here Lots of readymade features available with this script Enjoy !

SQL Version

Script along with SQL Database version.


Script along with Normal version. The model and raw version available soon.

Social connect

Social connect signup/login using Facebook, Google plus, LinkedIn, Twitter. One profile with multiple social connect features

Secure from attacks

Prevent attacks like SQL injection, Brute-force, XSS filtering, CSRF.

One line to secure any page

Only one line to secure any page with three different user access roles.

Google reCaptcha [new]

New google reCaptcha enable/disable option available.

Extensive Documentation

Better Document - Better understandability. Step-by-step clear instructions.

Quick Installation

Installation time : It takes only one minute of time.

No core file change required

No need to change any core file. Just install script and let it go further.

Admin Panel / Multi Users

Fully featured admin panel with all modification done through it. Admin login also done through social connect. Multi-user functionality with profile update, change password, social connect etc features.

User Signup

User signup page with social signup feature.

New : Seperate User Login redirect

Login redirect for each user after login feature.

User Log record

Record user login record with location and Ip address too and it accessible by Admin only.

Fully Responsive

Script run fine in all major browsers.

Auto Location tracking.

Easily trace user location from where he/she login. User also can see current location.


Support SMTP/SIMPLE email sending feature. Option available on setting page.

Email body/subject customization

Shortcode features available for email body and subject.


Provide video installation, How to setup social connects, script overview


Normal version

Note : In demo Remove envato buynow frame if you want to use social media login/signup

Demo link

Normal version

Normal version - You can directly add script with design to any existing version.

Demo link

Modal version

Note : In demo Remove envato buynow frame if you want to use social media login/signup

Demo link

Modal version

Modal version - Responsive pop-up login/signup.

Demo link